Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Bode got to be a turtle at the 'trunk-or-treat' for our ward so we didn't dress him up today. I don't think he minded.

Hayley called her costume a cheetah even though she looked just like a cat with Hannah. And Gage got to be a DINOSAUR! Anything BIG and scary Gage loves it!

Gma Victor looked pretty happy to see her favorite grandkids at her door.


Lyric Payne said...

Adorable kids. I can't believe how many you have and you still seem more sane than me. I love the picture with Grandma Eve. She looks so happy to see you all. We'd be happy to see you too!

Ligia said...

Ok...those kids are too cute! So, I just checked out some older posts from your blog. You are quite the domestic goddess! Seriously! I have so much to learn from you.