Saturday, January 19, 2008

All ready for church!

Now that we're back to 9am church I try to have the kids bathed and hair in curlers for a much smoother Sunday morning. Tonight after baths they watched a movie before bed. I love it when they sit that close to each other and actually get along.


Lyric Payne said...

What an efficient mom you are. You remind me of my mom. Too bad I didn't get those genes. That pictures is great. Are those pink foam curlers? I used to hate sleeping in those!

Rebecca said...

Audrey, Of course I remember you!! It was so great to hear from you and so fun to see pictures of your family. Your kids are adorable. That's so fun that you are homeschooling too; I hope it's going well. Please give my love to all your family, and tell Coreen I'd love to hear from her. I'd love to keep in touch.
Love, Becca