Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday HAYLEY!

I can't believe she's already six. That makes me feel so old. She got to have her first sleepover for part of her birthday. Her cousin Shelby came over and they slept in the tent in the living room and stayed up past midnight watching movies and eating junk. Boy am I tired!

Our birthday present to her was letting her pierce her ears, which by looking at these pictures you'd think I forced her, but she really has been begging to get this done for almost two years. It was a total surprise to her. Shelby and her woke up and we told her we still had to go get her present. When she finally figured out we were taking her to pierce her ears she started to get scared. By the time she sat in the chair she was a pale white and looked like she was ready to pass out.

(this is her staring at the woman just setting up)

(this is her NOT crying, if you ask her)

When she realized it didn't hurt after all she was ready to smile for the camera, sort of. She's been walking around ever since saying randomly and at no one particular, "I have my ears pierced! I really have my ears pierced!"

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Heather said...

That is hilarious! I hope she enjoys it!