Monday, April 21, 2008

Does anybody else's husband have a thing for guns like mine? One of our favorite family times is off roading near our house in our sweet suburban. We took Coreen, Justin and Gavin out with us to experience it and of course Brian had to bring his guns. He loves taking his guns out on the mesa and shouting at old junk that's been left.

This is what they were shooting at. Of course the kids weren't sitting there at the time, they were safe in the suburban.


Anonymous said...

Oh the kids are so cute, I love Gavin's buzzed head. And Bode's army cut.

The Fillmore Fam said...

How fun!!! It was so exciting to see your post. I went home for Easter and was asking my parents about everyone- and was wondering how you and Coreen were doing. Adorable family- can't wait to keep in touch.