Saturday, June 21, 2008

Explora with Cousins!

Darin's family came to town this week so we took the kids to Explora Children's Museum.

Bode experimenting with the flow of water.

Hayley experimenting with buoyancy.

Gage and his favorite, the trains!

The girls doing an art project.

Hannah had alot of fun with this one. She was supposed experiment with the ball, but she had more fun with her face and hair!

I think the bubbles exhibit is MY favorite. I love to play with the big bubbles and I'd love to have one of these at my house.

Here is Brian's sister Caisa riding the bike on the high wire.

Just us moms got to ride because of height restrictions, but the kids had fun watching.

Brian's sister-in-law Deanna taking her turn.

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Ligia said...

Aren't you guys just the cutest little family. I'm sure the kids were impressed with your balancing skills. I sure am!