Saturday, July 5, 2008

BBQ Time!

In the afternoon we went to Brian's parents for a BBQ. The kids always love getting together with their cousins.

There's an explanation for no shirt. Gma Victor has a water fountain in her back yard made with wine barrels. Bode fell in head first and big sister Hayley saved him. I was inside and she brought him to me screaming and sopping wet from the waist up. Needless to say he stayed away from the water the rest of the night. Thanks Hayley!

Here are some goodies I made for the BBQ.
These are really cupcakes with LOTS of icing.

The kids loved these hamburgers made with Nilla Wafers and Grasshoper cookies.

And here's what happens when you take a cake outside in 4th of July weather. It's OK it still tasted good.


JENNIFRO said...

Wow!! Audey, I have thought of you SOOO much throughout the years and have always wished I could catch up with you. You and Sara were always two of my favorites--so upbeat and darling. Where do you all live now? I wish you'd email me and give me a quick catch-up but I can probably figure it all out once I read your blog. : ) Your kids are darling! I cannot believe you have four! How old are you now?
Man, that must mean I'm ANCIENT! Thank you so much for contacting me--sure brightened my day,
Love ya. Jennifer

JENNIFRO said...


The Bobos said...

Hey Audrey! I don't know if you remember me, this is Jenni (Girts) Bobo. I used to tag along with Julie in elementary school and get perms from your mom. I love your blog - and your kids are darling! They look so much like you. My blog is private but if you want a link, send me your email at I hope all is well with you and your family!
Love, Jenni