Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yesterday my cousin Terry came to town. (Actually to Edgewood to my mom's house) She has been in Japan for the past 7 years (in the service) so I haven't even met her kids. It was neat to see her again and the kids all had fun playing together.

My kids and Gavin jumping on the trampoline with my cousins Abbey & Nathan. We were waiting for Terry and her family to get there.

Bode has a thing for dog houses. I think Gage locks him in ours too often because he thinks he belongs in them.

The kids all coloring together. (My cousins 2 oldest, Hayden & Rylee are on the left)

My parents have horses and the kids always love to go see them. My Grandpa Switzer is the one on the left. He's a farmer/rancher and lives on the adjoining property to my parents.

Here's my mom playing 'Mr. Ed' and making the horse talk.


cabeandmelplus3 said...

Hey Beautiful horses!!! Is that in NM it doesn't look like it. So pretty. Hey we are most likley going to be in town the first week in August, It would be fun to see you guys. Dana and I talked about a BBQ, we will keep you posted.

Ligia said...

So when are you guys going to come out and visit us? I think you need a trip back to your old stompin' grounds. Like the new blog look by the way.

Sara said...

Hey Audrey!!

I was talkin to andrew pratt a fews days back, and he said to say HELLO!! Anyways, your kids are so dang Cute :)

Rebecca said...

So fun to see these pictures! I love all the hairstyles you do with your girls. So cute! Glad you guys are doing well.