Friday, August 15, 2008

Anybody else?

I don't know why I bother buying toys for my kids. It's always the trash that they love to play with for hours on end.


Melanni said...

This is so true. When Kasen was a baby his favorite thing to play with was the BBQ brush (not the scratchy one that cleans the grill, the one that you brush the sauce on with). Anyways, he would play with that for hours and we finally gave him one of his own that he kept in his toy bin.

Gage is such a handsome boy!

Ligia said...

that's awesome. atleast you can save money that way.

cabeandmelplus3 said...

I know I think thats why kids have an imagination, because they can honestly do without toys!!! My kids love paper bags with handles,like b-day bags and they pretend to shop.....that reminded me I got the kids a donut the other day and Kenason decided to used the wax paper stuff from the donut as a treasure map??? Yeah I don't know. Seriously I feel like I waste so much money on toys!

Sara C. said...

That is funny, my kids are the same. In fact if i ever throw anything away (like those dumb happy meal toys) they always dig them out of the trash.

You sure take great pictures!

The Bryce Family said...

So funny! My boys have built all sorts of things - swords, forts, cages - out of our moving boxes. Tonight, Nash made a suit of armor out of my printer paper, glue and a few brads for the shield on his helmet. Maybe we should just shop at Staples for Christmas. Kids always do the unexpected!

Tell Coreen CONGRATS on another BOY for me!!!
Take care!