Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My First Award!

So Jamie on this blog just nominated me for this award. She has one of the blogs that I follow for hair ideas, and I guess she follows mine too. Thanks Jamie!

So here's the rules, find 10 or more blogs of any kind that you love to read. Write a post about them, linking back to me & them. When you're done, come back here and let me know. Also, make sure to let them know too!

I don't have ten but you get the idea.

Ordinary & Occasionally Extraordinary She is a friend from highschool that has been an inspiration in the cake business. She makes wonderful cakes and juggles her family life with three little ones. Great job Heather!

This is the day... She (believe it or not) was my favorite YW leader. I just found her blog recently and I love following it and seeing whats going on clear on the other side of the country. She's a great writer and her blogs always a fun read.

She Does Hair This blog is the first hair blog I found and I think I've done every hairstyle she's posted. I love her creativity and her pictures are always so clear so its easy to follow.

So go check out some of my favs and thanks for checking mine.


Heather said...

YaY! That made my day.

You make some cool cakes too, and juggle FOUR kids. But thanks for the compliment.

JENNIFRO said...

WOW! This is beyond nice. Thank you so much Audrey.. I will definitely do this. You are a doll and of course, you know you were a favorite of mine, I'm gettin' old!

Blackeyedsue said...

Thank you so much. I am extremely to read your blog!