Saturday, November 1, 2008


First a little confession, I'm not so big on Halloween. I have a hard time spending money on a costume that usually won't even stay on for more than an hour. So, my kids get hand-me-downs and cheap-o's but that's OK because they get as much candy as the next kid right? We went to Brian's parents for dinner and then hit the street.

Uncle Jason, Gage, cousin Shelby, Bode, Hayley, Hannah, Aunt Caisa(Brian's sister)
Can you tell they like the Dolphins?

Grandpa Victor taking the kids to all his neighbors.

Gage picked the skeleton and loved wearing it!

And here they are trick-or-treating back at Grandma's.

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Catherine said...

It's so fun to catch up with you Audrey! How's Coreen doing? I think you're family is absolutely darling! Great blog!! I'll keep checking in on you! I'd love an update on your fam!